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About Airline House Exchange

The idea for this web site was found in November 1999 by myself. I am a flight attendant. Most of my time has been spent domiciled in HNL. I will be spending my 'final days' in LAX.

My husband, of 21 years, and I enjoy traveling together. Last November we were planning a trip to London. When he realized how expensive lodging would be we were disillusioned. That's when the idea of AHE arrived. We weren't willing to offer our home to just anyone, but another airline employee seemed safe. So, we began the process of building what you see here. A safe and inexpensive way to travel. Safe, because it is set up to allow only airline employees/retirees to have the ability to exchange homes. Inexpensive, because in a home exchange, there is no money exchanged. It is totally free.

We know that we will be travelling for a long time to come and by utilizing this idea, we will save quite a bit of money. We hope that you will join in and maybe one day we will exchange homes with you. Our listing is the first one on the website.

For those of you who are still not comfortable with exchanging your home, we have a rental page as well. Please come and visit.

As always, we appreciate any feedback you have for us to make this web site most beneficial for all.


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