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Airline House Exchange is great for families too. Some members seek out trades with families with children because those homes often have toys, books and games to keep kids occupied. And if you're travelling with small children, consider the convenience of not having to pack cribs, strollers, playpens and carseats.

You and your children will probably meet other families in the neighborhood, offering the chance for new friendships, and experiences for everyone.

And everyone is happier having some meals at home, rather than expensive restaurant meals or fast food every day.

For most families, a week or two on vacation in a hotel can be quite taxing. Kids and parents are much happier if they're not cooped up in a hotel room every night. Home exchange offers comfort, space, quiet, and diversions you just can't get in a hotel.


Airline House Exchange offers additional benefits for pet owners. For a lot of families, looking after their exchange partner's pets is a task they enjoy. You'll be assured that your loved pet is being taken care of too! Never impose your pets upon an exchange partner whom clearly does not want the responsibility. Many exchangers will use your home as a base for daily sightseeing trips and will not want to be tied down by pet care. In cases such as these, you may wish to make boarding arrangements, or have someone else come in to care for your pet, as you would do normally. Airline House Exchange listings will indicate whether pets are allowed and/or whether pet care is required.

Why not exchange cars too?

Many traders exchange cars with thier homes, which really saves rental and insurance expenses. Exchanging cars further allows you to enjoy the style of travel which you're used to and comfortable with. (If you choose to trade cars, be sure to check with your insurance agent to determine your specific coverage.)


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