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Q: I'm Worried about Damage to My Home and Furnishings. What Can I Do To Feel More Secure?

A: Because this is for airline personnel only, you will be able to obtain information about your house exchange partner from your house exchange partner, i.e. verify thier employment and be able to find them after the house exchange has ended. If they refuse to allow you to verify their employment DO NOT EXCHANGE HOMES - THIS IS A VERY BIG RED FLAG. If you don't feel comfortable, for any reason, look elsewhere. We have many other members homes to choose from. However, we believe there is a mutual respect we have for one another as employees of airlines and we think this respect will carry through in these house exchanges.

Q: How Do I Verify the employment of my House Exchange Partner?

A: When you find a house that suits your desires you will contact the person by E-Mail, postage mail, or phone. At that time you will exchange all the pertinent information necessary to make you feel comfortable. some suggestions for verification are

  • Exchange letters of employment prepared by each airline office.
  • If you work for the same airline you can check their work schedule.
  • You can also give your airline permission to verbally verify your employment.
  • Again, if you are denied this ability to confirm employment, do not exchange houses, keep looking, we have many homes and many places to choose from.

Q: Do I need to own my home to do a house exchange?

A: No, as long as you are not charging a fee they would be considered guests. If you are allowed to have guests in your rental agreement it should be acceptable.

Q: How Do I Arrange An Exchange?

A: Look for listings in the areas you have selected as desired destinations. Or you may see an interesting listing in an area you hadn't considered. To increase the chances for a successful exchange, contact a number of possible exchange partners. You'll probably be contacted as well with inquiries on your listing offering even more choices. From these contacts, select those that are the most interesting. Correspond with those potential traders and make arrangements.

Q: Who pays the bills?

A: It is customary for your exchange partner to be responsible for telephone calls made from your phone, and of course, any services that they may contract or hire in your absence. Other bills, i.e. mortgage, rent, utilities are usually the responsibity of the homeowner.

Q: Will my home owner's insurance cover my exchange partners?

A: Usually home owner's insurance remains in force to cover guests in your home, and because no financial transaction is involved, your exchange partners are your guests. Check with your insurance agent regarding any time limitations. Some policies will only cover guests for 30 days. Insurance companies usually PREFER that someone occupies your home rather than leaving it unoccupied - it's safer!

Q: Will my auto insurance cover my exchange partner?

A: Auto insurance normally remains in force for 30 days, covering anyone driving with your permission. However, check with your agent. If it makes you more comfortable, do not hesitate to set up restrictions for who may operate your automobile, how old they must be, how far the car may be driven, if the vehicle may not be taken to certain areas or across certain borders.

Q: If we exchange cars, how do I get from the airport to my exchange home?

A: Be sure that your house exchange partner gives you a map from your arrival airport to your new temporary home. They probably wil also be able to supply you with a suggestion of the best transporation available or maybe thier car will be at the airport awaiting your arrival.

Q: How Do I Finalize Arrangements?

A: After agreeing to a trade, you and your trade partner may exchange E-Mail, calls or letters to arrange dates and details about cars, responsibilities and other pertinent items. Good communication will lead to a satisfying, successful exchange!


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