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INEXPENSIVE We offer you a way to 'stay for free' in a homey environment without being in developed tourist complexes. With 'in house dining' you will spend much less money on food and drinks. Even with your airline discounts it still gets expensive to stay and eat at hotels and restaurants.

COMFORT Many of us travel as part of our jobs. We have seen more hotel rooms than we ever thought possible. Now we can be in a home with a real refrigerator, a living room and a full size bathroom......aahhhh, the comforts of home--------not a layover. Hotel rooms get small for all of us, especially if there is more than one of us in the room, and who wants to go on vacation alone.

MOVING Maybe its time to be moving and you'd like to see a new area. What better way to see it, realisticaly, than from a neighborhood. You will be able to experience the area in a way that isn't possible from a hotel room.

VISITING FRIENDS AND RELATIVES Visiting friends or relatives can become claustrophobic if you're in the same house for more than a few days. Now you can visit, yet have your own space - and they can have theirs. No tension because your kids, or theirs, are acting up (as kids do) just return to your 'temporary home' and relax.

NEW FRIENDS We, in the airline business are a 'unique' group of people. Who knows, we might find some other 'unique' people who understand us, and make some new friends. Enjoy!!



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